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The so-called Millennials grew up with likes, blogs, snaps and instagrams, and while we may struggle to handle a fax machine, we can create new possibilities and visions for brands to improve their digital strategy for the transforming digital society.



Stagnation means regression, regression is a catastrophe.

The ongoing digitalization is changing the way communication and consumption work, therefore brands are under pressure to adapt to a new generation of customers, new sales-channels and new processes. RINGLI.media provides you with advice and support on the way to the digital era as consultant and manager, from strategy development to on-site implementation, from corporate blogs to Snapchat. We combine our know-how about the opportunities of digitalization with the values of your company and look forward to facing your challenge!


RINGLI.media has transformed the online-experience for clients from many industries. We serve every company size, need, and challenge. We have put together an excerpt from our growing customer base, which is mixed wildly from regional small businesses to international corporations. Let’s start a conversation; we would love to add you to our list of happy clients!

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Andreas Ringli

Owner - Online Marketing Consultant

Andreas was born in 1992, therefore he belongs to Generation Y and is also called a "Millennial" or "Digital Native", he had his first mobile phone at the age of 7, his first website at the age of 12 and his first social media channels around the same time. He grew up with channels like MSN, Netlog, Facebook and Snapchat and very quickly became fascinated by these new communication tools and wanted to find and understand the methodologies behind them and primarily the "best practice" for each channel. He decided to pursue a practice-oriented training as a "Mediamatik-Kaufmann" linked to the Swiss Federal Vocational Baccalaureate at the "Gewerbeverband" in Schaffhausen.

Immediately after his training, Andreas accepted a new challenge at IWC Schaffhausen. As a webmaster, he was the connection between in-house project managers and the web agency in San Francisco. During this time, he was able to improve his language-skills as well as project management, user interface design and search engine optimization.

At the beginning of 2013, his efforts were rewarded and Andreas was promoted to the much-sought-after social media project manager position. Through his approach to strategy, active community management, gamification, new processes, monitoring and reporting, as well as e-mail marketing, he had a significant impact on the brand and its presence on social channels. Something Andreas was often asked during those years was: "What do we have to change to engage with the new and upcoming digital generation?"

This question was one of the reasons why Andreas mid-2016 decided to start with his own consulting agency RINGLI.media for digital media.
In order to gain the digital generation as customers, you have to understand them first.